What to Expect on Sunday

When you arrive at church you will be welcomed by one of our greeters. A bulletin will tell you what is happening at our church as well as who we are holding in prayer. If you need help finding a seat we will help, or if you would like to sit next to someone we will help with that.

The service is entirely on PowerPoint displayed on a large screen. The liturgy, hymns and readings are all included and the parts in yellow are said by the congregation, so you will never be lost or feel excluded by a lack of knowing where we are or what is happening. Seasonal local photos, are used to back up the sense of connecting the liturgy to our community and area.

After the service you are invited to join us for refreshments and conversation or to leave- no pressure. We are just thankful that you joined us for worship and hope that you connected with God, found us friendly, and will want to come again.